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Alderton Associates | Environmental Policy

Alderton Associates Limited is committed to ensuring that all supply activities undertaken by the company are carried out with due regard for any potential environmental impact.  In recognising that environmental issues are an integral part of the supply chain process, all Alderton Associates Limited  employees are required to act with due care and consideration for the environment when undertaking all tasks and duties. 

Alderton Associates Limited recognises that works cannot be undertaken without impacting on the environment both positively & negatively, every effort will be taken to minimise the adverse impacts and reduce  Alderton Associates Limited’s carbon footprint so far as reasonably practicable.   

Alderton Associates Limited is dedicated to the principles of waste recycling and believes that waste disposal should be avoided so far as possible.  Pollution prevention is a continual priority. If there is any spillage of products, Alderton Associates Limited will endeavour to neutralise any negative impact to the environment. Alderton Associates Limited is dedicated to the process of continual environmental improvement and responsibility.    

The impacts Alderton Associates Limited has on the environment through its operations will be continually monitored by reviewing their activities on a regular basis. Alderton Associates Limited will continually monitor and adhere to all relevant regulations, codes of practice and customer requirements.   

We will maintain and continually update environmental systems and procedures to ensure that Alderton Associates Limited complies with legislation and other requirements.  The environmental systems will be monitored by senior management who are advised and supported by our health, safety & environmental consultants; this will be communicated throughout Alderton Associates Limited, via company notice boards, toolbox talks and via Alderton Associates Limited induction process.  Alderton Associates Limited will undertake through management, supervision, instruction, practical example and in-house training to ensure that the environmental policy is upheld throughout the organisation and that each employee recognises and agrees to comply with our environmental management policy.     

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